"Mám nějaký problém s autem."

Translation:I have some problem with my car.

September 16, 2018

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How should I know that it was my car? It really could have been anyone's car here. "I have some problem with the car" should be accepted in my opinion.


The use of "some" is plural, so it needs to say "problems". Either it is a problem singular with the car or some problems with the car.


The Czech sentence is clearly singular. And, at least in the US, a construction like "I have some problem with my car" is an accepted use. It may help to think of it as "I have some (kind of) problem with my car." And if it makes you feel any better, "I have A problem with my car" is also accepted.


“I have some kind of problem with the car” was just rejected. This is a perfectly natural and common sentence in AmE. I reported it.


Yes, it is certainly used in English. It is not currently accepted for this exercise, and at the moment no one can add or change translations. It will have to be addressed when the new team is up and running.


Why is "I have an issue with my car"


If you meant why that wasn't accepted: it was missing. I've added variants with "issue".


"A problem" would sound more English than "some problem"

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But we have "nějaký probém", not just "problém".

I think "a problem" might even be accepted, but for the main translation it is better to actually translate the word you are learning.

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