"Saya bosan dengan suasana hati yang damai."

Translation:I am bored with a peaceful mood.

September 16, 2018

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This is a really strange sentence. I'm not sure what it's trying to say?


It just goes to show that you can make perfectly grammatical sentences in a language that a native speaker of that language would probably never use because the circumstances which would necessitate such a statement in that culture already range from highly improbable to impossible.


You mean your colorless green ideas don't dream furiously?


Agree... This gives me shivers....


A peaceful mood would normally be regarded as a pleasant state of mind and is not the same as being bored which is a lack of stimulation. The sentence does not make sense to me.


"I am bored with feeling peaceful" is the the only translation I can come up with that kinda makes sense. It is marked wrong, though.


This feelings has some really stupid sentences.


Maybe it would be better with "I am bored with the peaceful mood" Still a bit strange.


'I'm bored of being in a peaceful mood' should be accepted


The English translation is incomprehensible


The proper response to this statement should be /Kemudian, kamu haruslah mendapatkan sebuah pekerjaan!/

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I don't think this sentence is all that strange it's describing the feeling of ennui, boredom brought about because of a lack of excitement.


Then it should be something like "because it's so quiet". "peaceful mood" denotes a calmness of spirit that is exactly what boredom isn't.


Perhaps a more natural translation would be: ‘I am bored of the peaceful mood’? To me, ‘I am bored with a peaceful mood’ means that the speaker is feeling both bored and peaceful which doesn’t make sense. If it means that they are bored because it is too peaceful then it would be ‘bored of’ not ‘with’ and ‘the mood’ instead of ‘a mood’.

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