"Dia jijik dengan bau mulut saya."

Translation:She is disgusted by my mouth odor.

September 16, 2018

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"She is disgusted with my bad breath"


This is a better translation


Could be a sign of a serious dental problem.


I've just realised that we don't really have a word for "mouth odour" in English. Yes, we use breath - but that's not specifically describing the odour. Just inhalation/exhalation of air. Which we then describe as being smelly or "bad". But what really is "bad breath"?


Thanks Ria, you've got me reading the Wikipedia page for "halitosis" just to see if there is such a word or not xD


Actually, "breath" denotes "mouth odour" and not much else. It's just that we semantically interpret that smell, the "breath", as the product of "breathing". A writer writes a writ, a healer leads to health, and a breather produces breath. It can't be used for inhalation or exhalation. You can't say somebody has a "fast breath" to say they have tachypnea, for example. O.o


I disagree. Rarely do I use the word "breath" to describe mouth odour, because mouth odour doesn't come up much in conversation or daily life. However, I might say:

"I'm short of breath." - if my breath was shallow.

"Take a deep breath." - rather than drawing in a quick breath.

"Don't hold your breath."

"I need to catch my breath."

Someone's breath can be hot, cold, warm.

Singers use breath control. Which isn't controlling the smell of their breath.

The Oxford Dictionary defines "breath" as being: "The air taken into or expelled from the lungs."*

Yes, breathing produces breath. It is literally an inhalation or exhalation by definition.

Yes, your breath can smell. But I wouldn't say that "breath denotes mouth odour and not much else" because it simply doesn't.


Wow, I hadn't thought of that. Yeah, you're right. I guess now that you put it that way, I can see why you thought it was weird. :O


Also "by" should be the preposition: "She is disgusted by my breath" "She is disgusted by the smell of my breath"


"Breath" is how we normally say it.


He is discusted by the smell from my mouth should be accepted as well


Breath is a better option that "mouth odor"


Yes, my Talk & Translate app, which I'm about to use in Indonesia, translates "bau mulut" as "bad breath".

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