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"Dengan siapa kamu pergi petang ini?"

Translation:With whom do you go this evening?

September 16, 2018



"Who are you going with this evening?" would be much more natural in American English, at least...


British English native here, I entered the exact same answer which was sadly marked wrong!


Me too. I'm Australian. It's interesting because DuoLingo uses a lot of informal spoken Indonesian but expects very stilted "proper English" translations.


You can't go anywhere "this" dusk. Although you can go "at" dusk. Dusk is too short a period of time to talk about specifically though. Nobody talks about their dusk plans.


Yes, this shows one of the limitations of the translation platform of Duolingo, sadly.

If I were somehow teaching the Indonesian language to my students, and we had to do times of day, well, I'd start by working on some sort of picture-based exercise, matching sentences to pictures where you can clearly see the time of day, pictures of clocks showing different times, maybe a list of possible English translations just to reveal the inadequacies here.

Would be nice if Duolingo could also broaden its horizons but it seems to be working in the opposite direction unfortunately :)


Petang is later than sore or just the same?


Petang is that in between time when it is not yet dark but no longer really light. You can just use sore for the same time.


Who will you go with this evening/tonight?

Who's going with you...?


Deep in old poem territory here...


Dgn siapa kamu pergi petang ni!?

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