"This cake is not tasty."

Translation:Kue ini tidak enak.

September 17, 2018

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I've learned that "tidak" is used with verbs. Why is "bukan" incorrect here ("bukan enak" is rejected as an answer). Thanks for your help.


I've learned that "tidak" is used with verbs. Why is "bukan" incorrect here

"Tidak" is used to negate verbs, adjectives and whole sentences.
"Bukan" is used to negate noun phrases.

In this sentence, "tidak" is used to negate "enak" (adjective).

Please have a look here :



Thank you, so helpful! But we also use "bukan" for things like "dari Jepang" which is an adjectival phrase. (See https://grammar.yourdictionary.com/parts-of-speech/adjectives/adjective-phrase.html) Does this mean that adjectival phrases are treated like nouns if they incorporate nouns?

In other words, would adjectival phrases like "incredibly beautiful" take "tidak" while adjectival phrases like "as big as a house" take "bukan"? (I'm assuming that based on the "from Japan" example, any adjectival phrase that is constructed as (preposition + noun) would take "bukan"?)


Why can't "Kue ini ngak enak" work here?


Ngak or nggak or ga are very informal. They even are not included in Official Indonesian Dictionaries. But they can be used in daily connversation to negate verb as same as "tidak".


Can u pls write an example?

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