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"Anggaran sekolah ini dua puluh juta."

Translation:The budget of this school is twenty million.

September 17, 2018



'the school budget is twenty million' would also work in English


'the school budget is twenty million' would also work in English

Isn't an apostrophe required to inidicate possession?
Like this :

"the budget of this school" ==> "this school's budget".


It is not, the possessive is assumed.


Rick is correct. Both Squiz and dkfour do not take the "ini" into account sufficiently.

THE school('s) budget: here the 's is more or less optional and the meaning hardly changes. With 'the' the imprecission can be disregarded wether it's "the budget" or "the school" that gets marked.

For "THIS" it is important to make sure you know what you are pointing out.

"This school budget": "This budget of a/the school".

"This school's budget": "A/The budget of this school"

The position of "ini" in the Bahasa sentence only allows the last version as a correct translation.


Actually "ini" is not used as "this" in this sentence. "The budget of the school.." is given as the correct answer. In that case, "The school budget..." would be correct in English and should be an alternate answer.


That's a lot of rupiah!


I came here to say the exact oposite! It's a pitiful budget for a school! I hope that's only for a month, not for a year for a school in the province... In Jakarta it probably wouldn't be enough for a week.


Well, when you think about it, it's only just over a thousand dollars


The budget FOR this school is twenty million should be marked as correct. I think it is far better English.

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