"Začínám tě mít ráda, Františku."

Translation:I am starting to like you, František.

September 17, 2018

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what is wrong with: frantisek, i start to like you ?


It is not exactly ungrammatical and would be appropriate in some contexts. The problem is that the present tense of a verb (like "start") suggests an ongoing activity. For example: I have a ball; I live in a house; I eat lunch every day. But "I can't talk, I'm eating lunch right now." So, you could say "Every day, I leave the house, start my car, and drive to work" (ongoing). But if you're referring to this moment - "Kids, get out of here; I'm starting the car!" - you would use the present participle (-ing) form.

So if it's ongoing, use the present tense. But if you're referring to something happening right this minute, use the "-ing" form. Hope this helps.


Could this also mean: I am starting to love you?

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