"What is brighter than your face?"

Translation:Apa yang lebih terang dari wajah kamu?

September 17, 2018

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What is brighter than your face?
Meaning: Apa yang lebih terang dari wajah kamu?

Apa yang lebih terang daripada wajah kamu? = not accepted, reported

"daripada" = "than" (used for comparison).


daripada/da·ri·pa·da/ p
kata depan untuk menandai perbandingan:
buku ini lebih bagus -- buku itu


We lernin' pick-up lines ir something?lol


Can the "yang" not be dropped here? I read that "yang" has to proceed an adjective phrase. Does that mean that all comparative "lebih... dari(pada)" structures need a yang to proceed them if they happen to describe a noun/pronoun?


I'm not sure if "yang" can be dropped here, it sounds strange without it.
My personal preference is to use "yang" in a question like this.

"yang" is used in several ways, but it doesn't need to proceed each adjective phrase.
An adjective phrase like this one, with a comparative structure, doesn't necessarily need "yang".
"yang" proceeds the adjective phrase, if that phrase is the subject of the sentence.

Apa yang lebih terang dari wajah kamu?
Wajahnya Tini lebih terang dari(pada) wajahmu.
Yang lebih terang dari(pada) wajahmu adalah wajahnya Tini.

What is brighter than your face ?
Tini's face is brighter than your face.
That which is brighter than your face is Tini's face.

There is no "yang" in the second sentence.
In the third sentence "yang" proceeds the adjective phrase.


If you dropped the yang here, I believe that 'apa' would only act as a question marker, rather than meaning 'what'. So the meaning of the sentence would become 'is it brighter than your face'. The construct 'apa yang x' means 'what is x'.


Why is ceri in stead of terang not accepted?

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