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  5. "सूरज बड़ा है ।"

"सूरज बड़ा है "

Translation:The sun is big.

September 17, 2018



I typed The sun is large and gone wrong. Why?


Why 'The sun is large' is incorrect?


Wouldn't accept 'the sun is large'! 'Big' and 'large' can basically be direct synonyms and 'बड़ा' can definitely mean large, I can't think of a single use of the word 'large' where you couldn't accurately translate it into Hindi as 'बड़ा'


I probably should have realized this from the context of the chapter, but सूरज is also a name (Suraj), so I didn't translate it ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Well, ideally your answer should also have been accepted since the context is not given.


Also complaining about large being marked incorrect instead of big.


Stars are white, requires "hote", why doesn't The sun is large? Besides not all stars are white.


Yes, I also was marked as incorrect with the answer "The sun is large." I cannot see how this would be anything but a program error. Duolingo, please review this and change it in the future!


I just realized that "suraj"comes from arabic " siraj" which means ( depending on context) the sun or the lamp with very bright light. Happy learning everyone ^_^


I wrote "The sun is old". Why is that wrong? It is billions of years old. I guess the context is the weather. But I don't have any idea what a "big sun" would mean as a comment on the weather either. Is it a weather description used often in India? Does it mean a hot day? Or is it just about sunsets, in which the sun looks larger than normal? Thoroughly confused.


Ive written the sun is big why is wrong


the chapter is on nature so how can a man be included


Shouldn't there be 'hote'?

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