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प्यार हमेशा जीतता है - #LoveWins


On September 6, 2018, the Supreme Court of India reinterpreted a particular law of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). It was a historic move which decriminalised homosexuality and paved a path to strengthen the rights of the LGBTQ community in the country. This has come after years of persistent efforts and India is now full of गर्व (garv - noun pride)! Here's a short vocabulary bank to celebrate:

  • प्यार (pyār) - (n.) love

  • आज़ादी (āzādī) - (n.) freedom

  • अधिकार (adhikār) - (n.) right(s)

  • आम (ām) - (adj.) normal (yes, it also means mango as a noun)

  • इंसानियत (insāniyat) - (n.) humanity

  • समलिंगी (samlingī) - (n.) homosexual person

(Additional knowledge for interest:
सम sam - prefix same,
लिंग ling - noun gender,
ī - suffix which signifies "of relation to")

  • समलैंगिक (samlaingik) - (adj.) homosexual

(Additional knowledge for interest:
सम sam - prefix same,
लिंग ling - noun gender,
इक ik - suffix which changes a noun to its corresponding adjective.)

  • समलैंगिकता (samlaingiktā) - (n.) homosexuality

(Additional knowledge for interest:
ता - suffix which changes an adjective to its corresponding noun, -ness; sandhi rules change a short vowel to its corresponding diphthong when a suffix like ता is attached to it.
Note that here, a derivative noun is produced out of another noun, a process that involves firstly its conversion into an adjective, followed by conversion back into a noun; technicality - a gift from Sanskrit)

  • लैंगिकता (laingiktā) - (n.) sexuality

  • द्विलैंगिकता (dvilaingiktā) - (n.) bisexuality (द्वि dvi - prefix two, bi-, ambi-)

  • गे (ge) - (adj.) gay


  • मैं तुमसे प्यार करता/करती हूँ (main tumse pyār kartā/kartī hūn) - I love you

([-से] प्यार करना [-se] pyār karnā - to love [someone])



September 17, 2018



Simple amazing. Nothing can hold back love #LoveWins


Congratulations! This is a wonderful development in India.

I think it is important that everyone can live freely and without fear whatever their gender, sexual orientation ... The more people can be just themselves, fully expressing their own individuality, the richer humanity becomes.

And thanks for sharing the vocabulary. :-)


This is great news! Thank you for sharing. Australia recently passed a law to allow same-sex marriage. Love wins. :)


Thanks for the vocabulary (I will use it a lot), and it's awesome that India has repealed Section 377! It's a great step forward towards true equality between people of all sexualities and gender identities. I hope that other countries will soon follow in its footsteps. ❤️ #LoveWins


This is wonderful. Also I notice the word Azadi from freedom is close the Kurdish Azidi. I wonder if any state/province of India is better with its treatment and tolerance of LGBT+ than others. There are about a Billion of people. Think of the millions and millions of Indian gay people! Hopefully India becomes more progressive as it develops.


it's from Persian Azadi.


Hindi has a rich vocabulary of Persianate words which are either borrowed from Farsi or are cognates with Farsi words. Of course, most neologisms in Hindi are based on Sanskrit (with little modification) because that's how they defined the standard register, but it's very common to hear a lot of Farsi in everyday speech (in fact, I'd write the last phrase as "रोज़मर्रा की बोल चल में फ़ारसी शब्दों/अल्फ़ाज़ का इस्तेमाल आम है," in which you can spot many examples) Both common, with the latter being Arabic and the former being Sanskrit


Good job, India needed this.


Yes! Love my fellow LGBTQIA+ brothers and sisters. The love of my life is Indian so yay.


This is such wonderful news!


It would be better to say, 'Pyār kī hameśā jīt hotī hai"


God bless India for more freedom for its people.


Love this piece and the effort!


(: Yay! This is actually a really cool surprise!


That's the most amazing profile picture.


Nice level 20!!!! and yes.... love always wins!! :)


Hey, thanks a ton for this post! Question, you gave the words for gay and homosexual but is there a separate word for lesbian like there is in english? Or would you just call a lesbian गे?


गे is borrowed from English, so of course, we have लेस्बियन [les-bi-yan] in Hindi!


"आम (ām) - (adj.) normal (yes, it also means mango as a noun)"

there are even more ways than i thought to interpret the name of a Pakistani Canadian favourite podcaster of mine "nice mangos"? [aka Eiynah]

i am not sure what her language background is,but she wrote a book called "my ChaCha is gay" and i think that's "father's younger brother" in Urdu/Hindi?


Note that in Urdu आम as in "mango" and आम as in "common, typical" are actually different words, so your Pakistani podcaster might not have quite as many puns. :)

"Common" in Urdu begins with a glottal stop (the sound in the middle of "uh-oh"):

'aam / عام

versus "Mango" which starts with a plain "aa" sound, no glottal stop:

aam / آم

Hindi OTOH doesn't really make phonological distinctions about glottal stops and most Hindi bolnewales won't even pronounce it unless they're also in an Urdu- (or Arabic- or Farsi-) speaking community. (The more Arabic someone speaks, the more likely they are to pronounce those wonderful Arabic sounds that don't exist in Hindi but that show up in Urdu script.) So the almost-homonyms in Urdu become full homonyms in Hindi.


It just means father's brother.


I'm not Indian I am British and just started learning Hindi and I like this post ☺


Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy learning. After this week I would have finished my Hindi tree. Then I will move onto my workbook that I bought last year and some associated resources that I found online.


Learners learning the new vocabulary through this post.

Meanwhile, most Indians- Oh, I learned new Hindi words today- समलिंगी लैंगिकता द्विलैंगिकता

hahaha, believe me, most Indians don't know these words


moving to pakistan


prem se bada kuch nahi


मैं बहुत ख़ुश हूँ !


SenorDustin, did you delete your own comment? If not, I'll undelete it and answer you. It doesn't violate a guideline so, it shouldn't have been deleted by anyone else.


you are the best indian


thanks for the vocab!


you are so amazing and adorbs


हिंदी दिवस की शुभकामनाएँ | Happy Hindi Diwas(Day) to all (14 Sept, 2020)


Hey wait, #LoveWins is not Pyaar Hamesha Jeetata hai. It is, Pyaar jeetata hai.


Not jeetata jeeta hai


jeeta hai means lives

Love lives = pyaar jeeta hai
Love lived = pyaar ne jeeya hai (Hindi has 6 types of Past Tense, this is just one of them)
Love won - pyaar ne jeeta hai


Is there a gender-neutral 3rd person verb ending?


आप कैसे हैं ? (m.)
आप कैसी हैं ? (f.)
आप सब कैसे हैं ? (mixed)


how do you know all those words




you teach me English and i will teach you Hindi


This is great news, I am Indian myself, I am pleased to hear this even though I am a bit late...


Is there a gender neutral Hindi word for parents other than माता पिता (which translates roughly to mother father)?


Not really, Hindi is really specific about family relationships. In it, all individual relations have peculiar names, and it does not have gender-neutral words like parents, grandparents, siblings, and so on. So, same-sex parents should be referred to as पिता (pitā - dads) and माएँ (māēn - moms).


I also want to contribute to the Hindi for English speakers course. I am a native Marathi speaker but I am also fluent in my Hindi along with English. I had already applied for contributing to the course through the contribution portal. Can you please tell me how long will it take in order to get my application officially accepted for the contribution? I have waiting for a while now but I got not a single reply yet. Can you please do something about it, because I was so looking forward towards it and all I need is an official approval.


yes it's Maa -> Mother Baap -> Father


This is so awesome!!!


Abbe yaar kya sahi cheze likhta hai <3


pyaar ki toh darna kya ! yo by the way how did you even become a language contributor

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