"She drinks the juice which you do not drink."

Translation:Dia minum jus yang kamu tidak minum.

September 17, 2018



My answer "Dia minum jus itu yang kamu tidak minum" was marked incorrect, but I think 'the juice' should be 'jus itu' not simply 'jus'.

September 18, 2018


Why would it be 'jus itu' and not 'jus ini' ?

December 11, 2018


It would be 'this juice' then

April 6, 2019


Actually it is correct and sounds natural. You don't need to translate 'the juice' as 'jus itu' but simply 'jus', it's more accepted.

April 6, 2019


My answer "dia meminum jus yang kamu tidak meminum" was said to be wrong and they said the correct answer is "dia meminum jus yang kamu tidak minum". How come it can't be "kamu tidak meminum" ?

September 17, 2018


Because "meminum" indicates the activity of drinking. In this context "Dia" is doing the drinking and "kamu" isn't. Atleast that is how my wife explained it.

November 23, 2018
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