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  5. "Peter reads the book."

"Peter reads the book."

Translation:पीटर किताब पढ़ता है।

September 17, 2018



Peter ketab parta he

Peter book reads


In Hindi, and most other Indian language, the syntax is this.

Peter chai peeta hain Peter tea drinks

Neha kela khaati hain Neha banana eats.


Are those sentences also correct?

"पीटर ने चाय पी" (Peetar ne chaay pee)

नेहा केला खाती है (Neha kela khaatee hai)
नेहा एक केला खा रही है (Neha ek kela kha rahee hai)

What about khaanaa खाना ?

[deactivated user]

    पीटर ने चाय पी। - Peetar ne chaay pi. - Peter drank tea.

    नेहा केला खाती है। - Neha kela khati hai. - Neha eats the banana.

    नेहा एक केला खा रही है। - Neha ek kela khaa rahi hai. - Neha is eating a banana.

    खाना - khaana - food/to eat/ to feed


    I found that Ukrainian and Hindi are 'closer' in grammar than English. Thus, I can use Ukrainian to 'double-check' my Hindi sentences. And all of them are accurate! Even the sounds are similar.

    In this sentence: "Peter kitaab (book) padhata [parta] (reads) hai." is the same in Ukrainian: "Петро (Peter) книгу (book) читає (reads)." ["Petro knyhu chytaye."]

    So, if you know Ukrainian, you can easily learn Hindi - and if you know Hindi, you can easily learn Ukrainian!

    I'm sure it is similar with other Slavic languages. :)


    Peetar kitaab padhata hai. (par'ta)


    Subject will be object, and object will be the subject in Hindi language


    Is the "ha" in "parhataa" silent?


    The "h" is part of the digraph "dh" (less commonly "rh") used to romanise the single consonant ढ़ and denotes aspiration (ढ़ [ɽʱ] is the aspirated version of ड़ [ɽ]). The word पढ़ता is romanised as "padhtaa" (or "parhtaa").

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