"Kamu membuat saya jijik."

Translation:You make me disgusted.

September 17, 2018

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Although "disgusted" is the literal translation of "jijik", I feel like it's more common to say "You make me sick" or "You make me nauseous"

On another note, someone once told me that "jijik" is incredibly rude. Like you couldn't say "Merokok menjijik saya" (Smoking disgusts me). I'm not sure if this is a lost-in-translation thing, a cultural thing (like it's too direct for Indonesians), or if they were just exaggerating to stop me from saying it. Anyone have any insight?


Update: I asked an Indonesian and she says it's rude if you are addressing or describing someone but you can use it for universally disgusting things like garbage. But you could never say the sentences from this exercises to someone openly, it would be highly offensive. (I guess it would be rude in English but not to like a shocking degree. I could imagine saying this in anger in an argument. But for Indonesians, that would be crossing a line.)


Is this a sentence from the skill "Feelings" ?
I remember another one which is even more direct than this one.
I guess it's okay, it made me laugh when I saw that phrase here at Duolingo.
But yes, you're right, it's extremely rude to say something like this to someone.


Yeah, from Feelings, there were so many! I thought they were hilarious but I was surprised because I was under the impression that using jijik was a huge no-no. I was trying to express how much I hated all the smoking in Indo and when I finally learned this word someone was like OMG NOOO, YOU CANT SAY THAT WORD”


Even if it's not a phrase that you would use, it would still be good to recognise it if it is said by somebody else about you XD

bercanda aja...


thanks for your information.. Indonesians are much more 'halus' than Australians..


Yeah, when I saw this sentence I instantly wrote the translation "You make me sick!"


I did too. But translation is a tricky business. For something educational like this, it's good to know both the literal translation and translations like these that just make more sense in the language you're going to. I don't know what I think about accepting both.

I think a good translator should use 'You make me sick' when translating it for an English speaker to make it sound natural, but you do need to know that it actually means disgusted instead.


very well put.


In contrast to everyone else's suggestions: MORE OF THESE PLEASE!!



HAHAHAHA ... yes, some of these phrases can be very useful.


In English I think it sounds better to say "You disgust me", I don't think any native speaker would say "you make me disgusted" but "you disgust me" would mean the same thing


This sentence should be deleted. We need to learn sentences we can use in Indonesia.


It's still useful to know this, even if it isn't something you should say. It's not very nice to say in English either, really.

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