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  5. "Quanto è profondo?"

"Quanto è profondo?"

Translation:How deep is it?

March 31, 2013



Does profondo mean both profound (e.g. a question) and deep in the physical sense (e.g. a hole)?


Yes, you can say: un pensiero profondo, un sentimento profondo, una stima profonda, eccetera. I am Italian.


I put "how profound is it?, which was marked wrong. "Deep" and "profound" are synonyms - unless "profondo" refers only to physical depth?


Heidi, I did the same thing. They robbed us!


Yes, I wrote the same too. This is a clear mistake on DL's part. Deep/profound are figuratively the same word when used in this context.


The suggested phrase was: how deep it's. This simply is not proper english and needs fixing.


Hooray I agree wholeheartedly


"How deep is your love?" Bee Gees --- "Com'è profondo il mare" Lucio Dalla


Is this right Quanto è alto il cielo? (How high is the sky?) . The word order is differernt from English (ie "How is high the sky?" not "How high is the sky").


Yes, this is the preferred construction. If you are unsure of a construction, sometimes it helps to 'google' the phrase in quotes ( "quanto è" or "quanto è alto" ). You will get some interesting examples.


Can you also say "Quanto profondo è?" like "Che ora è?"


No, non si usa. Puoi dire "Quanto è profondo?" oppure "Quant'è profondo?".


I did that and duo allowed it


Why not "How profound is he?"


This is a nice and tricky sentence. Unfamiliar with the Italian structure I tweaked "quanto" in my mind to read "quando". :-) This sentence improves my learning.


Am I the only one having the problem of adding accents?


Check the settings for your keyboard to see if there is a choice of languages available. My android phone had Italian as an option. This includes the accents in the suggestions as you type.


How do you say "How is it deep?"


I don't know. What do you mean by the phrase? Are you asking how it came to be deep? Why is it deep? Because if you are asking information about what the depth actually is the English is 'How deep is it?'


If the sentence before was "What you said was deep." you could reply, "How is it deep?" Context is a huge part of language and other than the topic of the lessons (and that isn't always helpful) there is no context. Yes, "How deep is it?" is a far more common and useful phrase but Duolingo has been known to sneak the odd random phrase in there too!


How much deep is it? I'm asking myself why this is not acceptable question?I'm searching for the explanation.


It's not acceptable English. We don't say 'how much deep' or 'how much tall', we say 'how deep' or 'how tall'.


How much is the depth? Probably wouldn't use that either. May be just one of those things where you have to accept that different languages do it different ways.


Why not "It is how deep?"


That would be an unusual construction -- maybe if I told you a pit was 500 metres deep, and you were surprised, you would ask, "It is how deep?"


What is wrong with how is it deep?


Because that gives the impression you are asking how it came to be deep, not inquiring about how deep it is, what is its depth. To enquire about the depth you have to have it in the order 'How deep is it?'


I answered how deep is it and was marked wrong continually this should be reported


the given answer "How deep it's" isn't english


Wouldnt "what's the depth" need to be a good answer? It seems like an almost literal translation, but it isn't correct.


Where is the object here? I would have thought we need to add "lo".

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Where does the it come from with this sentence? Is it because there is an that 'it' must be implied?


i initially got confused here but i realized that if i would want to say, "how is it deep?" in response to someone claiming a badly written poem to be deep, i would instead say, "com'è profondo?"


What the hell is wrong with the audio? Sounds like she's saying "quanto hai profondo"

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