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  5. "The enemies are far away."

"The enemies are far away."

Translation:Hop jaghpu'.

September 18, 2018



Would Hop ghaHtaH jaghpu' not be possible?


That would indeed not be possible, for various reasons:

  • {Hop} is a verb, meaning "be far", and needs to be used as such. Edit- And forgot to mention, the verb already holds the concept of being the verb within it, making the rest unnecessary.
  • The "to-be" sentence form, characterised by a verb-like pronoun between two nouns, is specifically for saying one noun is the other noun (so Hop, being a verb doesn't fit).
  • For a correctly formed "to-be" sentence the noun on the right needs an {-'e'} topic suffix.
  • The aforesaid noun also needs to agree with the pronoun. {jaghpu'} is a plural of some beings, so the pronoun would need to be the correct form of "they", {chaH}.


Ah, of course. Somehow I didn't think of it as a verb. Thank you!

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