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  5. "Spies never sleep."

"Spies never sleep."

Translation:not Qong ghoqwI'.

September 18, 2018



shouldn't this be "not Qong ghoqwI'pu'"?


The plural markers are optional. That means that in many situations the unmarked noun could be interpreted as either singular or plural. Usually the context makes it clear whether you meant it to be singular or plural. However, if you need to make it clear that you are talking about multiple of the noun, then the plural markers are available for that. The lack of context here on Duolingo usually means we will accept it either way.


It does not accept "not Qong ghoqwI'pu'"


Since that is the main translation, I find that hard to believe. I do not see any flag reports, so I can't use that to help figure out what went wrong. Do you have a screencap that I can use to see if there are any indications what went wrong?


I'll try to remember next time I see it.

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