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  5. "Dia makan daging."

"Dia makan daging."

Translation:He eats meat.

September 18, 2018



Daging can also mean beef no?


Halo teman! I am not really sure about the colloquial use of "daging", but I think, in Duolingo exercises, "beef" would be translated as "daging sapi", also because there are other kinds of meat, "daging babi", "daging ayam".

I hope it helps.

Selamat belajar! :)


Beef is "daging sapi", "daging babi" is pork, 'daging ayam' normally we just said 'chicken', what i want to said is we normally used daging for 'cow's/buffalo's/camel's/sheep's meat' but make sure to put the animal's name after for more clear information...otherwise daging would be assumed as 'beef' or daging sapi

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