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Lost my Club tab

I just moved to China from US and lost my club tab on my iphone app. Is this a China thing??

September 18, 2018



Probably. I came back to Duolingo and installed the app in China but was confused by the fact that the clubs were missing. When the tab suddenly appeared I thought I had taken part in an a/b test but now I realize that this happened right after I left China. So probably a China thing.


hi i like a renewal of my iFreeman subscription. I like a 500+ day and 1.21 OP/OG. also it would be nice if i manage to meet Irada_627 in person cuz frankly all portrayed iFs girls are just damn sexy.


Thanks all. This makes perfect sense! China China China... I still get e-mail notifications about the club activity, but just can't see them in China. Oh well. It's just nice to see the daily leadership board associated with it for friendly competitions.




I used to have an awesome club with Irada_627 and 47 other cool members, but since arriving at China, the entire club option was entirely gone so was the tab >:/

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