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How to Use Duolingo?

I've been using Duolingo for years now on and off. I hadn't taken it to serious because I was waiting to learn Asian languages and one they came out, didn't have the motivation. With bahasa out now and living in Indonesia I'm more inclined to learn, but not sure I'm doing it right.

Should I be doing the same lessons over and over again or advancing to more vocabulary?

September 18, 2018



Mr. Daniels, You are in perfect place to immerse your self. I would go the markets. You will benefit in more than one way. You get to listen to others using the bargaining process. Brush up on your money terms and a lot of "How much is this?" "Will you take....?", "Please, and thank you". Go to each market with the corresponding dictionary. Each market has its own flair. and language. I would hit the Hindi first, then Vietnamese, followed by the Muslim, ending with the Kosher. Please have a French cream puff or two while at the Vietnamese market for me. I am sending five ingots for the tasty experience. I have a good imagination. Vicarious living is better than no living at all. Your new friend, Cat


If you feel that you have an optimal situation (i.e. Lots of time for Duolingo, living in the country, grasping the language well, or having plenty of friends), I would recommend you to advance first. You can do the lessons later.

However, if you think you don't have so much advantages, I recommend you to redo the lessons.

Then again, I will recommend the most on doing both. Advancing and practicing at the same time. Cons: more time needed, though.


Hi, I think you can advance to more vocabularies. You can watch the tv shows. Reading stories and articles, listening to musics and so on.

It will help you. However the important is to be more serious on doing that and be consistent.

I'm in Indonesian that live in France. I'm advancing little by little. But not that good because unfocused. So you need just to focus on what you're learning.

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