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Anyone in Indonesia?

Anyone in Jakarta, Depok or Bekasi trying to learn bahasa?

September 18, 2018



I come from Yogyakarta. Let's study together.


I'm in Bali trying to learn


How's that working out? I'm in East Jakarta, but it feels like slow learning. Though I impress myself when I know words.


I am working in a local foundation with locals but their english is really good so i don't get enough practice. I can get by at markets and stuff and enough that some people are impressed but I also spent 4 weeks in Jogja learning full time. I can communicate in text with drivers fairly well and between me and my husband we can generally express a thought but understanding people (especially on the phone) is harder. My favourite statement at the moment (because it is true) is 'semua ayam jantan adalah jahat' be


How far into the tree are you, and how's your practical skill level?


saya di Banda Aceh


I live in Indonesia not far from you at all. Trying to learn Indonesian. It is a must for me at this point.

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