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"Tono is bothering Andi's work."

Translation:Tono mengganggu Andi bekerja.

September 19, 2018



Why would that not be Tono menggangu bekerja Andi?


I think that "bekerja" can't be used as a noun, but only as a verb (instransitive?). Like in other austronesian languages, words are made up of root words, in this case "kerja" and are modifies by having prefixes or suffixes or both added on. I believe that the noun "work" is "pekerjaan"

But I'm not 100% sure about this so yeah


i think your explanation makes sense, but then the english sentence should become sth else rather then the current one?


Do you mean something like "Tono is disturbing Andi working" ? I also think that coz "work" in that way act as noun but in indonesian it is using a ber verb. We got the meaning but it may confuse people.


No. I think the translation should be Tono mengganggu pekerjaan Andi


You can bother a person but you can't bother work. Work cannot get annoyed.

You can interrupt somebody's work or get in the way of it. They may be a better word that's not coming to me right now.


I think "disturb" would be a better word for something like this.


"Hamper" is a good verb for this that din't occur to me at the time of my previous comment.


'disrupts Andi's work'


"Tono is bothering Andi's work" -> "Tono mengganggu pekerjaan Andi".

"Tono mengganggu Andi bekerja" -> Tono is annoying Andi at work".


Wouldn't "Tono mengganggu kerjaan Andi" also make sense?


Would 'Tono mengganggu pekerjaan Andi' also be correct?

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