Does anyone know of any Russian stories I could read to help me practice the language?

I’m looking to improve my Russian a little bit, and since Duolingo doesn’t have stories in Russian like they do Spanish and French, I was wondering if there are any easy Russian stories I could read? Preferably some easy, children’s books; I’m still on a decently low Russian level.

September 19, 2018


Yes... and more. (Russian torrents page)

September 19, 2018

Круто, спасибо

September 19, 2018

Here's a great website with dificulty ratings:

September 19, 2018

These stories by Драгунский are about as easy as I have found. This book by Томин is a little harder, but quite easy and still amusing. On both of these sites you can find plenty of other, similar reading material.

Also, you can find audio recordings of such stories on, which streams old Soviet recordings (try "Детское радио"), and you can find particular works or authors, as well. For instance, for the books mentioned above, enter Шёл по городу волшебник, Томин, Денискины рассказы, or Драгунский in the search field (Поиск).

There are dozens of other sites online that present texts and/or audio, gratis, as Russians seem not to be very interested in copyright unless forced to be.

For video (w/ subtitles), these bookbox stories are quite easy but good practice, and there are several of them at this level to listen to.

There are also plenty of Fairy Tales online, either by Grimm or Andersen or from Russian collections, including sites where files w/ text side-by-side with a translation into another language can be made.

[Added] The Grimm and Andersen sites mentioned are linked to in my comments in a discussion of Russian children books, as well as are a couple other very easy stories in Russian. And there are plenty of other good suggestions in the other comments in that discussion.

September 19, 2018

There are some old books called "Russian Reader" that have simple conversation, in progressive difficulty. One example, Khravonina's book. And also, isn't difficult to find children books. Search here:

September 20, 2018

If you like playing games at all, I suggest to join Throne:Kingdom at war .. and practice some Russian there. Most kingdoms there have a Russian team. I get a lot of Russian mails there which I cant read lol so are considering some time studying Russian due to the game.

September 21, 2018

Упоительные истории от Вискуновой — you can read transcription and listen. She is funny.

September 22, 2018
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