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  5. "Správně vidíme jen srdcem."

"Správně vidíme jen srdcem."

Translation:We can only see correctly with the heart.

September 19, 2018



It is weird that i understood Czech sentance and couldnt build English one from the words


When you say "couldn't build English from the words," were you using the word bank? As I understand it, there are supposed to be "blocks" available for all of the words that appear in the main translation (the one at the top of this page).


I think this is too idiomatic to guess via mobile app...


Very difficult sentence. I wrote "Only with heart we see correctly"...


We need a modifier before "heart," for example, "THE heart." There are two accepted alternatives that are close to what you wrote: "Only with the heart DO we see correctly" and "Only with the heart CAN we see correctly."


Ten překlad je nějaký divný. To je idiom?


You need to read more. It's a quote.


A quote from where? "See rightly" sounds really strange. And it doesn't feel fair to us who have to use English as an interface between Czech and our mother tongue.


Thank you. You are right. I am Czech. I learn Englisch now, so English quotes are too difficult for me :).


In case this is helpful...

A very literal translation would be something like "Rightly we can see only with the heart." Change that a tiny bit to "We can only see rightly with the heart" -- for more standard English word order -- and you have one of the (almost 600) accepted translations. Of course, that hardly does justice to the original, but still.. "pass"!


Based on this (old) comment of yours, I am changing the main translation to "We can only see correctly with the heart." The poetry of the official translation is gone, but maybe the bland translation can reduce the number of severely bunched up panties.


"Hope springs eternal..."? :-)


It was seemingly originally a French saying, translated into English, but I looks like 'old' english, certainly the word 'rightly' is not contemporary in this context.


The translator might have had some specific reasons to choose this word. Anyway, you can use any of rightly/correctly/clearly/well/right.


If we're gonna be all poetic and stuff, then 'rightly see' (which is not accepted) would be a better word order. 'See rightly' just sounds like really bad writing.


There are many accepted translations that use "rightly see." If yours was not accepted, we can't tell you why not, without knowing exactly what it was. That's where the Report button comes in handy.

EDIT: I see there IS a report in the system that uses "rightly see." it is time-stamped about 5 minutes before your comment, but perhaps it's yours. It's "green," which means is should be accepted. But it appears to be marooned in there, and I have just released it.

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