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  5. "Duas almas, um pensamento."

"Duas almas, um pensamento."

Translation:Two souls, one thought.

March 31, 2013



"Two souls, one heart" is an expression in English. I don't know if that answer is accepted in this case. If that's what they were aiming for then I think they've missed the mark.


The literal translation here is unnatural in English, so I tried an idiomatic translation which was refused. How, then, would I say in Portuguese: 'Great minds think alike' ??


That would be somehow like this: "mentes brilhantes são semelhantes" / "os bons espíritos fazem boa liga". In French, that could be "les beaux esprits se rencontrent" but I haven't found on the net and I can't remember now if we have any proverb similar to this. The solution for the problem depend on the context and the purpose of its use. But I don't think brazilian people will find it difficult to understand if you use the literal meaning: "as grandes mentes pensam da mesma maneira". Hope that helps...


Aussi parlez-vous français, Monsieur Paulo? :O


Je parlais plus de français au paravant.... =/


Or possibly "birds of a feather".


I wonder, is this a common expression in Brazil? :)

Isso é uma expressão comum no Brasil? :)


Well.. I've never heard of that before...


It could be a German proverb translated into Portuguese: http://www.languagerealm.com/german/germanproverbs_z.php


if you are refering to

  • "Zwei Seelen und ein Gedank "

Then I have to say that it doesn't sound like a proverb I ever used (and also Gedank sounds like what you would find in really old poems, the correct word is Gedanke)

Have to say that "Zwei Herzen, ein Gedanke" seems more common (Two hearts, one thought)

But it is rather used in a more lighthearted manner as "Zwei Deppen, ein Gedanke" (Two idiots, one thought)


German. I want to learn that language after Portuguese, French, and Romanian soon. It sounds awesome (I want to say bad *** but there might be kids learning this).


Have we figured out what this means yet? The two souls, one heart english translation seems to make sense?


It just means what it says. Two people who think alike or have done so in a particular instance.


Great minds think alike, I suppose! :)


Can I use 'a' instead of 'one'?


It's not accepted.


Wouldn't "one" work better here to contrast numbers? "Two souls, one thought**".


Then there's the song "Two hearts, one mind," by Phil Collins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SidxJz94Svs


I out "Two souls but a single thought". It was rejected but I have suggested it as an answer.


What is commonly said in Britain is "Two minds but a single thought". That is what I meant to put above.


Never heard that in Britain

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