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Pronunciation of "lese" (as in "Ich lese eine Zeitung")

Is "lese" supposed to be pronounced, "leezuh" or "layzuh"? The recorded voice is a bit ambiguous.

July 9, 2012



It's neither "leezuh" nor "layzuh". The first "e" in "lese" is a flat vowel. This sound doesn't actually exist in English. Have a listen to this (The long German /e:/ vowel): http://www.pauljoycegerman.co.uk/pronounce/vowele.html


The phonetic transcription of lese would be [le:zə] if that helps :)


It's supposed to be pronounced more like "Lehse".


The second <e> in "lese" is a schwa. It's exactly the same sound as the <a> in "about".


Oniros has it right. Say "Less" but really extend the "e" sound. Also, be careful with the ending of the word. I would say "uh" is incorrect, try and actually make a short "e" sound at the end of the word, which is the same as the "e" sound in French "Je"


Expanding on Twenben: phonetic script can be daunting, but it's not all that hard if you just compare it to words that you already know. Here, a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI5G8Glea5k&feature=related. Best explanation that I found yet. Just look for a list of all sounds in German with the IPA symbols, add English words containing those letters next to them on a page and print it, so you don't have to remember it right away. Cheers!


lay- suh That's how I've heard it pronounced in Baden-Wuerttemberg anyway

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