"Kita menghadap utara, arah selatan ada di belakang kita."

Translation:We are facing north, the south is behind us.

September 19, 2018

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I agree. "south is behind us" sounds better and should be accepted.


Unless I'm missing something, the 'the' is not necessary for a translation of this sentence


yes, this must be very confusing for learners of english, that this is a relatively rare occasion when an article is not actually required. though, it's not strictly wrong to include it.

but i naturally omit the article for directions and so keep getting marked wrong. adding my bit here, in the hope that this discussion will come to the attention of the course admin and they will allow either option.


Why is arah used for South but not North


I came to ask this too.


My uninformed guess: the directions work somewhat like adjectives. If you want to make clear that you are talking about the noun (and only a noun can "be behind you") you have to add "direction".

"We are facing northerly. The southerly direction is behind us"

That's probably also the explaination why they insist on the "the" in the translation...?


Commas shouldn't be used like this in English; it needs to be either a semicolon or a period.


Saya setuju. I wonder, are comma splices actually this prevalent in Indonesian?


Why "right" was given and when used they say its wrong.


??? "Right" was given for what?

For a "construct a sentence from these words"? There's always some extra words that can't be used.

Or in the drop-down of "possible translations" when you click on a word? But it's still only options of what the word CAN mean. You still need to decide if a certain translation of a word makes sense in context.

But I can't see which of these words would have "right" as a translation... ?? Maybe Duo did screw that one up.


Would "Kita menghadap utara, selatan di belakang kita." also work? Thanks!

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