"Jsou to rodiny bez matek."

Translation:They are families without mothers.

September 19, 2018

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Can someone explain why the plural of matka is matek? I can not found anything in the tips


It's plural genitive, apparently (bez requires the noun to be in genitive)


It's in the tips now; in the genitive the žena pattern inserts an e for stems ending with a consonant followed by k or r. So matk becomes matek.


Could this also be "there are families without mothers"?


No. That would be just "Jsou rodiny bez matek." - but that can have too meanings actually, it is ambiguous. It can mean both what you suggested or "They are families without mothers."

A non-ambiguous one is "Rodiny bez matek jsou." or "Existují rodiny bez matek." Both is clearly "There are families without mothers."


Those families are without mothers?


Ty rodiny jsou bez matek. This is a different sentence.


Why "to"? This is the first instance I can recollect in this course where there is an article in the Czech but not in the English. Thanks.


Czech has no articles. And the to is not even a demonstrative here. This is the "to je"/"je to" construction. The TO is the subject of the sentence. To je velký dům. To jsou velké domy. To jsem já. Jsi to ty. Jste to vy? Jsou to oni? Jsou to rodiny. To jsou rodiny. Jsou to rodiny bez matek.


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Matka not pass in matky in plural ?


I don't quite understand your question. But matek is genitive plural. The genitive case is needed after the preposition bez.

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