"Ma mère cuisine pour mon père."

Translation:My mother cooks for my father.

March 31, 2013

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Feb 3/2014. My mum cooks for my dad was just now accepted. However, in French are there other words for mum/mom and dad rather than mere and pere? (sorry, still no access to accents).


As a child in school I learned to call parents 'mamman' and 'papa'. Honestly mum isn't a very technical replacement for mère, I'd use mamman if you want to be informmal or if you want to adress her more warmly.


Men are rich and woman are cooking and pretty in Duolingo? The women image govenin this lessons is a little sexist


I have been noticing this trend as well. Everything is very.. conforming. My father is in the office. My grand-father has retired. My mother cooks for my father. that man is tough! etc... I don't want those sentences to go away, but it could be nice to throw in a "my mother is a doctor" or "My brother cooks soup" just to toss it up.

It would be nice with a little variety is all I'm saying.


hmm, I do understand what you are saying, however I always like to consider that the educated mind should have the ability to be more and more non-judgemental. Education is a tremendous gift, and so many on here are constantly complaining about this, that, and the other. Where is the gratefulness? My job here is to learn the words, sentence structures, etc.


SJWs everywhere. They always speak, They do nothing, even thinking. It's quite obvious that many sentences are randomly generated .


My mom cooks for my father. Me and my sister watch how my father eats his tasty food which was prepared by my mom


Hiya LF. Don't know how it works outside of the UK, but we here don't mix colloquial with formal so it's either "My mother cooks for my father or my Mom/Mum cooks for my Dad". Then if you remove "and my sister" from "Me and my sister watch how my father...." you're left with "Me watch how my father....." which doesn't work, does it? It is "My sister and I watch how my father...." It is, after all a language learning course. With respect.


Woah, that's a bit much.


What's the difference between "maman" and "mere"? Is "maman" more casual, like "mom", whereas "mere" is formal like "mother"?


I was always taught in school that to say that someone is cooking, it's "je fais la cuisine" or "il fait la cuisine" or "vous faites la cuisine". Was that inaccurate?


Yeah I was taught the same thing, I'm kind of confused


Does cuisine also mean kitchen?


Wouldn't it be Me mere fait la cuisine pour mon pere? I thought to cook was a faire expression, but tell me otherwise if it's not the case

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