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  5. "मैं टमाटर खाती हूँ।"

"मैं टमाटर खाती हूँ।"

Translation:I eat tomatoes.

September 19, 2018



Why does "I eat tomatoes" work as well? Is टमाटर the same singular and plural?


Yes, टमाटर as a masculine noun not ending in आ has the same form in singular and in plural.


(I wrote I eat a tomato, which Duolingo also accepted)


Yeah some terms in hindi remain the same in singular and plural context. Such as: ped (can't write hindi, forgive me. Meaning of ped is tree)remains the same that is ped.


This one is weird, because there's not really a way to say 'I' in English that specifies that the 'I' is feminine/masculine.


In English I would say "I am eating Tomatoes" or "I am eating a Tomato" more likely than plural "Tomatoes". Why would this be marked wrong by DuoLingo? Is there a tense issue that I am missing here? I consider "hoon" as the equivalent of "am" in English.

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(I know I've already replied to you on another SD but leaving it here just in case someone else also has this question)

It's a different tense

Simple present: मैं टमाटर खाती हूँ/I eat tomatoes - Denotes a habitual or regular action

Present continuous: मैं टमाटर खा रही हूँ /'I am eating tomatoes' or 'I am eating a tomato' - Denotes an action happening currently

हूँ is the equivalent of 'am' but usage is different. In Hindi, it accompanies all present tense sentences, not just in the continuous aspect.


"I am eating tomatoes" is the correct translation (present continuous is used for temporary activities, at the moment, etc)
I eat tomatoes everyday or for breakfast or for lunch, etc. (Simple present is used in English for routine tasks)

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It's the same in Hindi.

मैं टमाटर खाती हूँ is the simple present tense sentence and it denotes a routine, regular or habitual task.
Eg: मैं रोज़ नाश्ते में टमाटर खाती हूँ - I eat tomatoes for breakfast every day,
मैं टमाटर खाती हूँ लेकिन मुझे वे अच्छे नहीं लगते - I eat tomatoes but I don't like them.

मैं टमाटर खा रही हूँ is the present continuous tense sentence (I am eating tomatoes) which is used when you are eating a tomato at the present moment.

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