"We wait for their attack."

Translation:Kami menunggu serangan mereka.

September 19, 2018

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Please can we learn this language without so many violence-related examples?


"Kami tunggu serangan mereka" should also be accepted as it doesn't change the meaning and is also grammatically correct.

Actually, "kami MEnunggu serangan mereka", just slightly implies that "we ARE WAITING for their attack", as it is more of a (i guess) "perfect" tense congruent with the Engish perfect tense.
Although, in Indonesian there are no "tenses", and therefore both versions should be correct and accepted.


Fyi: without me-, the sentence sounds more aggressive like a challenge. In a calm tone it's better to use me-


Can you use untuk like: kami menunggu untuk serangan mereka? Just curious if this would work.


For nouns, we tend to omit untuk. Kami menunggu serangan mereka, kami menunggu mereka menyerang.


Omg, Kita and Kami doesnt have sense in written language. Both of them should be approved.


You're right, both "kami" and "kita" should be accepted, as there is no indication to whether or not the speaker was including the second person in the sentence.

Kita: Us, you're included. Kami: Us, you're not included


It's based context. 'Kita' is more have sense in oral language coz it used when you talk with other. Cmiiw

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