"Mengapa kamu membaca buku ini?"

Translation:Why do you read this book?

September 19, 2018

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Difference between mengapa and kenapa?


I was wondering the same thing...

Edit: I just read the description for the lesson and it says kenapa is less formal.


Sorry but where do I find the description?


It's not available on the mobile app, but you can find it on the browser by clicking on the skill and "tips".


Kenapa usually used with something unpleasant


This is not a natural phrase in spoken English -- it is not incorrect but is quite accusative. It is more normal to say Why are you reading this book?


It still works, but it is rather odd. It kind of feels like 1800s grammar.


If you find 'hitlers mein kampf' in you sons bedroom.. don't you take the book, walk to your son and ask him: 'why do you read this book'?


No, I would say,"Why are you reading this book?"


if he had read it three times over though, i might say "why do you read this book?"


If "kamu" is the informal word for "you", and "mengapa" is the formal word for "why", then it begs the question... why is "kenapa" (the less formal "why") not used in this context?


Bacauee "kamu" is not informal. Yes, I know; it certainly is less formal than "Anda," which is extremely formal that you wouldn't see it used that often.


"Anda" is as formal as "you sir."


Why are you reading this book? In my understanding, this should be accepted.


What's the difference between mengapa and kenapa and how do we use it?


Yes it should be accepted and if not then someone please translate into indo, " Why are you reading this book?" so I may know the difference


The answer in the example is wrong. There is no difference in indo as far as I know, unless there is a word for something you are doing that is temporary.

Present progressive (the 'ing' form) is used when we are doing something now OR when we are doing something that is only for a limited time, even though you may not be doing it in the moment you are speaking. Examples are: I am reading a good book. I am learning to drive. She's living at a friend's house. He's wondering what to give his mum for her birthday etc. None of these situations last forever or are things we regularly do, so we don't use present simple (Why do you read this book)....

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