"Timbangan di tokonya bisa mengukur sampai satu miligram."

Translation:The scale in her store can measure up to one milligram.

September 19, 2018

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This may be a dialect variation, but if I were talking about a small unit I might say that a scale measured down to the milligram. Or, just that it measured [whatever was being weighed] to the milligram.


I also agree it should be "down to"


Should really be "scales", which means the apparatus used to measure weight. The plural is used in a similar way to scissors and trousers. I guess it comes from the balance type of scales, with two platters pivoting at a central point. Maybe you can also use the singular, but the plural is more common (I'm in NZ).

The singular "scale" means relative size, or the graduations on a ruler.

And... that would be one fancy high-tech set of scales that measured up to one milligram! Probably something illegal you'd be measuring with them. We'd say "down to" one milligram, or "in milligrams" meaning to a sensitivity of one mg. Then maybe you're measuring jewel weights.


I agree, 'scales' should definitely be accepted, it's far more common than using the singular term 'scale'.


I've heard singular scale used to mean the apparatus, but I agree scales is more common.


"Up to one milligram" means that it can't measure things that weigh more than one milligram. That doesn't sound very useful in a store, but maybe in a physics laboratory.


Is this referring to precision or range? If precision, then the translation needs to be reworked, if range, then ok...


My wife, a native speaker and scientist, says it means precision. I agree the English needs to be reworked, as their translation certainly does not mean that.


The equipment is scales not scale!


Duolingo, please read these comments and correct the translation. Thank you.


It does not except the British English spelling of milligrammes


I think the translation is correct. We all know DL has a sense of humor. I thought it was funny.


I was thinking the same. "You mean it can measure up to a whole milligram?! Wow, that's... not a lot" definitely feels like it's up Duo's alley


It turns out that "sampai" in this sentence is not down to one milligram, but up to, according to native speakers. So, the scale is useless if she runs a grocery store. For more information, please refer to the Q/A on HiNative.


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