"Neha is probably with Raj."

Translation:नेहा शायद राज के साथ है।

September 19, 2018

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Is शायद really understood as "probably"? In English, "probably" denotes a high degree of certainty. I've always understood शायद as possibly, maybe, perhaps.


Shayad is used whenever you are not certain. I.e. it doesn't matter if you are 10% sure or 90% sure... as long as it is a guess, as long as you don't know for sure, shayad is the word to use. Edit: "shayad CAN be used" (doesn't HAVE to be used)


[Nothing personal towards you -- I'm not shooting the messenger!] but that sounds dumb! haha I have never used shayad to mean "probably" because probably means more than 50% sure. If I want to mean probably, I say "lagta hai ki..." or "Main sochta hoon ki..." or use the future tense like "neha raj ke saath hogi" (Neha will be [I presume] with raj" or something else. I'm not a native speaker, but never seemed to have any trouble, and if someone tells me "shayad" i definitely don't interpret the probability to be +50%. Interesting -- Thanks for replying!


Thanks for this, I've always assumed शायद means probably as in +50%. Good to have this clarified!


your options are definitely correct and acceptable... all I meant was that you CAN use "shayad" for anytime you are not 100% certain. In fact, I myself prefer to use one of the options you listed instead of shayad. When I am almost sure of something I usually say it in the "should be" format... e.g. "Neha Raj ke saath honi chahiye"


As a native speaker, I'd say नेहा शायद राज के साथ है। means "Neha might be with Raj." - the connotation to me is 50% certain.

To connotate <40% certain, I'd say हो सकता है कि नेहा राज के साथ है or "It could be that Neha is with Raj."

To connotate >75% certain, I'd say लगता है कि नेहा राज के साथ है or "It seems like Raj is with Neha."


शायद नेहा राज के साथ है is also accepted


नेहा राज के साथ शायद है is not accepted. Is this position for शायद incorrect, and why?


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