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  5. "Neha is probably with Raj."

"Neha is probably with Raj."

Translation:नेहा शायद राज के साथ है।

September 19, 2018



Is शायद really understood as "probably"? In English, "probably" denotes a high degree of certainty. I've always understood शायद as possibly, maybe, perhaps.


Shayad is used whenever you are not certain. I.e. it doesn't matter if you are 10% sure or 90% sure... as long as it is a guess, as long as you don't know for sure, shayad is the word to use. Edit: "shayad CAN be used" (doesn't HAVE to be used)


[Nothing personal towards you -- I'm not shooting the messenger!] but that sounds dumb! haha I have never used shayad to mean "probably" because probably means more than 50% sure. If I want to mean probably, I say "lagta hai ki..." or "Main sochta hoon ki..." or use the future tense like "neha raj ke saath hogi" (Neha will be [I presume] with raj" or something else. I'm not a native speaker, but never seemed to have any trouble, and if someone tells me "shayad" i definitely don't interpret the probability to be +50%. Interesting -- Thanks for replying!


your options are definitely correct and acceptable... all I meant was that you CAN use "shayad" for anytime you are not 100% certain. In fact, I myself prefer to use one of the options you listed instead of shayad. When I am almost sure of something I usually say it in the "should be" format... e.g. "Neha Raj ke saath honi chahiye"


Thanks for this, I've always assumed शायद means probably as in +50%. Good to have this clarified!


The voice is not coming properly

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