"V Polsku jsme byli pětkrát."

Translation:We have been to Poland five times.

September 19, 2018

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Would not 'We have been IN Poland five times' be a more accurate translation? Surely been TO Poland would be do Polska?


Nope, Czech works differently. "Do Polska" implies direction and cannot be used with "byli", as that implies location. "Do Polska jsme byli pětkrát" is simply nonsense. You can however substitute "byli" (být) with a verb of movement, eg. "jeli" (jet) or "letěli" (letět).


"Do polska" for me sounds like "we gave been up to Poland, but "v Polska" should also be accepted as "we have been in Poland"


"We have been five times to Poland" should be accepted too.


The word order is a little "non-standard" but it is not grammatically incorrect. After consultation, "We have been five times to Poland" has been added as an alternative translation.

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