"वह एक कुत्ता है ।"

Translation:That is a dog.

September 19, 2018

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I knew that the answer was "That is a dog" or "It is a dog" but I tried "He is a dog" . I was marked wrong.


You're absolutely right. You might use this Hindi sentence against a person you're trying to insult and it would naturally mean - He's a dog. Happens a lot in my college. :D


Me too, but since वह can mean he, she, it and that it can be quite confusing. Context is the key word.


I think a perfect way to demonstrate that "He is a dog" should also be valid is to ask a simple question; how would you translate "he is a dog" to Hindi? I'm pretty sure the answer is this exact prompt


Come on, even he is a dog is also correct. When you know it's a dog why can't one refer to him as he (Dog is always male). And, there is no such rule that he/she are used only for humans. Those can be applied to living beings though, I know, 'that' would be more correct for animals.


I wrote he is a dog too haha

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