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  5. "qaStaHvIS lop maja'chuqlaH."

"qaStaHvIS lop maja'chuqlaH."

Translation:We can talk to each other during the party.

September 19, 2018



Apparently "We can tell each other while the party happens" isn't valid even though {ja'} doesn't mean "talk"...


ja'chuq is glossed as "discuss, confer" -- and "confer" basically means "discuss something" which in turn means "talk with someone about something" (while exchanging opinions).


It may be glossed that way, but as far as we know it's {ja'} + {-chuq} and thus "tell each other" should be the first valid translation for it. If you want to use the glossed meanings, use the glossed meanings, don't further translate it to a non-glossed meaning even if you believe in your dialect of English that they are the same thing, and don't use a non-glossed meaning as the "official" translation. Having to figure out your personal translations of words just makes this course more difficult IMO and you should always be including literal translations.


You don't think you can ja'chuq through email? That's not talking, but it is conferring.

When the dictionary includes an entry that is a verb plus a suffix, it's not a lexically separate word. It is included for when the reader is looking up an English word. If you want to translate the word confer, Okrand is helpfully pointing you to the combination ja' + -chuq. Well, if you put "confer...ja'chuq" on the English–Klingon side, you may as well put "ja'chuq...discuss, confer" on the Klingon–English side. Every Klingon word revealed on the English–Klingon side, even if a combination, has an entry on the Klingon–English side.


I believe that the point you are making is that it's {ja'chuq} not a "lexically separate word." Which helps me to understand the dictionary, if I'm right about that. And is this what is meant by "gloss?" That is, a combination of Klingon "stem" words and affixes assigned to a corresponding English word?


I put, "We can confer while the party is happening."

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