"Penglihatan saya menjadi terang."

Translation:My sight becomes clear.

September 20, 2018



I wouldn't say that a person's vision can become "bright"...does it mean someone is shining a bright light in their eyes? I can't think of a succinct way of putting that at the moment.

Edit: Kamus.net suggests "Clear" is a valid translation of "Terang" https://www.kamus.net/indonesia/terang

So I think that the correct answer is "My vision becomes clear"

"Bright" should probably still be accepted, but it is confusing in English.

September 20, 2018


So I think that the correct answer is "My vision becomes clear"

Thank you, the current translation will be changed.

"Penglihatan saya menjadi terang."
Translation:My vision becomes bright.

penglihatan = vision, sight, eyesight.

October 10, 2018


Vision is not always associated with eyes, e.g. "The company vision is...", where as sight is associated with the abilty of an eye to see images close and far away. And a correct translation of "terang" in this context is "clear" not "bright". Hence, "My sight becomes clear" is a better translation.

November 28, 2018


"My sight becomes clear."

September 25, 2018


I think it's much better if they use the word "Jelas" instead of "Terang"

April 12, 2019


Instead of "terang" (bright) it should have been "jelas" (clear)

June 1, 2019


The given translation does not make sense in English. Both translations given by joeldipops and FaizalZahid would be better options and should be included.

October 4, 2018
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