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The Baltic Languages

Okay we have many types of languages here on Duolingo. Native American languages are coming, we've had Romance languages forever as well as Germanic languages. We recently got the slavic languages. We have a Turkic language, many Asian languages, we have Hebrew, Arabic is coming, we even have Welsh and Irish. We have Greek, and even though Yiddish hasn't been released, I heard rumours it is about to pick up steam again.

Let us finally add another block of languages or just one for the start. The Baltic Languages. Lithuanian , Latvian or Estonian. Very interesting languages with lots of history.

Upvote for these languages. We must plead our case to Duo!

To any native Lithuanian, Latvian or Estonian speakers. I love your languages and so do many others. Please take a little time to contribute to a course or just start one to give us hope that these languages will one day be made a reality. Once the ball gets rolling more will hopefully join the cause and the languages will be released one day. I hope my dream will be realised. One day.

As in English it is Thank you. German- Danke schnön French- Merci! Hebrew- Toda (Sorry it's not Shalom) Spanish- Gracias

And soon it will be known that in the Baltic languages thank you is:

Paldies Ačiū Aitäh

September 20, 2018



It is only and only my personal guess that Duolingo staff chooses languages by their popularity in certain social layers and age groups.

This may explain a strange situation that we have here on this otherwise incredible language learning platform..

I see that they offer Klingon and High Valyrian courses (no offense to anyone playing into fantasy worlds but they are not really alive languages with thousand years of history and literature..and they are not spoken in any country on Earth))

but Arabic (one of the widely spoken world's languages), Cantonese Chinese and Baltic languages +Estonian that you mentioned, have not been selected..(yes Arabic and Chinese just have been added..and not even ready) And what about Farsi? How many people use Klingon or HVal compared to the number of Farsi speakers? someone please explain this!


I totally agree with you!


Thank you, Meital..:-)


Couldn't agree more, though you can't blame Duolingo for jumping into popular culture to attract users. What we need is an insanely popular TV show made entirely in Farsi.


that's a very interesting request, and i hope for you to have any of these courses.
but you have a wrong word for the hebrew "thanks" - it's "todáh" (תודה); "shalom" is either "peace" or "hello".


Estonian is Uralic, part of a "block of languages" that has been present ever since the Hungarian course was released a few years ago. I expect Finnish to be the second one due to its high demand, and Estonian may come after that.

As for Lithuanian and Latvian, I would very much like to see either on here. They haven't changed much over the years and are suspected to be closer to Proto Indo-European than any other living languages, and that alone makes me extremely hyped to learn more about them.


Sveiki! Latvian native here. Checked the apply section (https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply) - it says nothing about an upcoming Latvian course. Hopefully will be able to contribute when it will become relevant. Visu labu!


Just click for the languages "Enter Other" and manually add Latvian


In case you are not aware, Estonian is not a Baltic language. I mean, it is in geographical sense, but since you mentioned Germanic and other language families, I wasn’t sure if you were talking about Baltic languages as a family as well.

Also, we can’t start courses here. That’s entirely up to the staff since I don’t think finding contributors for those languages is a huge problem.


Also, we can’t start courses here.

Yes we can. If a Duolingo user speaks a language and they want to create a course for it, they can apply to contribute to that course at https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply.


And then wait for years until Duolingo decides to choose this course.


Yes, it is true.


There have been dozens of people applying to make a Persian course for years but Scottish Gaelic and Finnish have been accepted before that (no disrespect to these languages, I just don't understand the logic).


I'd actually applied to contribute to a Latvian course, I don't even remember how many years ago it was, never got any updates on that.


I'm half-lithuanian and I would love to if lithuanian was added here so I could finally learn my mother tongue. Latvian would be awesome to learn as well. Estonian ain't a baltic language but I'd love if it was here as well


Lets get Finnish out there first! Would love to see Lithuanian as it appears to be quite a mix.

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