"Mereka meminta saya menggali."

Translation:They ask me to dig.

September 20, 2018

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LOL What does it mean?


Halo teman! The Indonesian verb "menggali" means "to dig", "to excavate", "to make a hole to take or plant something".

I hope it helps.

Selamat belajar! :)


Terima kasi!
I will get a pickaxe! :)


I got scared too. Hope it's not for a grave


I once dug graves, that’s a job.

I didn’t have any Indonesian colleagues to say ”Mereka meminta saya menggali” to, though, and I couldn’t speak Indonesian. Very grateful I can say it now!


not something you would want to hear traveling to a foreign country lol


Why not? And if not in a foreign country, why not in one’s home country?

Imagine you are beavering away as a gardener, a road worker, a gravedigger, an archaelogist, or whatever. You let your shovel or excavator take a little rest; you start texting with your Indonesian friend. At one point you have to pick up your labour again. You write: “They ask me to dig.”

Imagine you have an Indonesian spouse; your kids, two and three years old, ask you to dig out a pool. Mereka meminta saya menggali...

Yes, and there’s Minecraft, too,

Duolingo doesn’t ask us to travel. It’s not their business why we use Indonesian, they just help us with getting started with the language. Being able to put together sentences is very applicable everywjere, travelling or not


I can think of so many verbs more inportant to learn tha digging, but I guess someone at Duolingo must either be a passionate gardener or a rather sinister fellow...


Digging ? Ok it's useful to play Minecraft with Indonesians, but is it for real life ?


Present tense only, "asked" was rejected. Why?


I got the same response but there is no marker to give tense so either present or past should be acceptable.


I've just recently also learned a word for "to dig" in the Japanese course. It's in the latest parts of the course, more distant than the whole Indonesian course in its current state, when I already have a couple of thousands words in my vocabulary. What's wrong with this Indonesian course? I'm already struggling to keep all this current vocabulary memorized, which contains almost only verbs, seemed to selected randomly. I thought that the problem was on my side, as Indonesian is just not my main priority and I'm not giving it enough attention. But that just was the final straw and now, I guess, I better to just leave this course for the better times, hoping one day it will be completely restructured.


Both mereka meminta saya menggali and mereka minta saya menggali are accepted, but is there a difference in meaning or something?


"to request" not valid?


thsi sounds like a kidnapping

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