"Kami pulang!"

Translation:We go home!

September 20, 2018



Why not "we return" ?

November 18, 2018


As long as it's "We return home"

November 23, 2018


"Kami pulang" = "We return", "Kami pulang ke rumah" = "We return home"

We can say "return" to the initial point, doesn't always mean "return" home

December 6, 2018


My wife has explained to me very clearly that "pulang" is the act of travelling back to somewhere that you consider to be "home" This can be your permanent address, or could be the home of a close family member if you're visiting another town for a few days, but generally wouldn't be a hotel room or something like that.

It also refers to the act of travelling home, not arriving home. So if you had an hour long commute and you've just opened your front door, you've been "pulang"ing for the past hour, rather than have just "pulang"ed this minute.

December 9, 2018


Nobody says "We go home" in English. It should be "We are going home"

September 20, 2018


Not necessarily: "What do you do every Friday?" - "We go home"

September 30, 2018
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