"Sono nella vasca da bagno."

Translation:I am in the bathtub.

March 31, 2013

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English and American are not always the same. Duolingo, I find, is more American based.


You are totally right. Duo, being a free website, sources volunteers from all around the world and most of the world speaks american english instead of british english


Incorrect. We in Australia and in New Zealand speak the so-called 'Queen's English'. This would probably also apply to a number od ex British colonies.


No, only the Americans and the Asians, not the Europeans, Australians, Africans a.s.o.


saying "I am in the bath" should be synonymous


That answer was just accepted for me, 15 Dec 2019.


Why not 'They are in the bathtub'??!!


"They are in the bathtub" is an accepted translation as per November 2018.


Well, technically "sono" could mean "they are", but that would be a bit unusual, don't you think? Unless you have twins and you have put them both in the tub, but then you can't just leave them in the tub by themselves. Normally we go with the answer that is the best fit.


Where are the kids?


You are right! If they are not accepting it, then it should be reported as a correct alternate. Those kids need to find a new hiding place though.


They are accepting it.


Currently not accepted


I don't understand all these assertions that it is somehow improper to say, "I am in the bathtub." Of course you can say that, because it is possible to speak from the tub. Your daughter is outside the bathroom door asking for a towel. You say, "I can't get it for you; I'm in the bathtub." And not saying it once the water is running?!


I agree, I would like to see duolingo accept all of the answers we are discussing here, they are all reasonable, and even if someone does not believe that they would ever use one of the translations we are suggesting, that does not mean that it would never be spoken or written. We should also keep in mind that duolingo initially adds to the sentence only a few translations and typically only know to add translations if we inform them, and it could take a while so we should be patient.


Why not vasca di bagno


http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare156a.htm da (can indicate origin or source, or value, and this expression uses da as in what kind of tub - a bathtub - the value of this tub is that we use it for bathing)

http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare157a.htm di (can indicate possession or what something is made of and is used in certain specific expressions, but not this one)


I'm doing this lesson in the bathtub and now I think Duo might be spying on me...


Great explanation. Thanks for the links.


Only 9 questions and that was it!. Bye last heart!


I hope to be at Level 13 soon (like you)! Good job!


Levels do not represent your advance in the program. You can be level 7 and had finished already the course. On the other hand be level 13 like me and barely be in the middle of the program. It only reflects that I repeat the lessons time and again and my memory is running out of gasoline.


You are not alone. The pace of my advancement through the duo tree has decreased. Some sections are very difficult and require a lot of practice, or else I find it difficult to advance through the next section. By the way, I am level 15 and just passed adverbs; I haven't even hit clitics yet! :-)


I started this game 17 days ago. I'm new here. I really don't understand this game yet. I assume you are saying that a person can "test out of skills" and complete the course sooner. I can't test out of any skills because I'm a beginning student and this is my first foreign language. Thank you for your response!


You are right, then you will not be able to test out of a section ahead of time. It is ok, those are just short cuts for people who have studied a language before .. eventually I will be studying German through duolingo and I haven't studied it in 20 years, but I'm sure I will be able to use some shortcuts in the German tree. :-) But really, there is no race except to excel at whatever language you are learning at your best speed. So enjoy the sections, one by one. Enjoy the easy ones while you can, there are some hard ones. I am just beginning clitics now, and it is tough, but I see the footprint of people I recognize through discussions who have just gone before me, and they are making it through the other side :-) anyways, my original point was not necessarily that I was high-level, but interestingly enough I think I will reach level 25 (max duo level) long before I finish the tree! lol


Xy, and here it is, 26Jun18, and you are at 30,455 DL points and Level 25 Italian and Level 21 German. Did your predictions come to fruition?


Nancy, look at your message from back then! Today, as I'm reading this, your "17 days" have become 604. That's great! My longest streak has been about 60 days, then I had a couple of rough days at work, and ended up starting over. Tenacity and consistency are great skills for learning a new language.


Ha! Ha! Ha! Thanks for pointing that out, Donna_Diana! Abbracci! It's hard to believe that I have checked in every day for over 600 days! I agree that consistency and tenacity are important in learning a language! No one said it was easy! I have a good work ethic and am learning each day! I don't consider myself fluent but that's on my bucket list! Best wishes to you, too!


Yet you haven't stoped!


I also agree. This answer should be accepted. Now I have to go back to the start as this was my last heart. :(


I definitely hear "bagnA"


Why is it not just vasca or bagno?


Why do we sometimes say bathtub instead of tub or bath? There are other kinds of tubs and since "stanza da bagno" means "bathroom", in Italian "bagno" is often used to mean bathroom.


Couldn't this also translate as "They are in the bathtub"?


... it seems we have forgotten that some things simply don't translate woed for word.


They are in the bathtub should be considered as a correct answer too.


She definitely says "bagna", not "bagno"


You are right. I hope you reported it. I did, 7.1.15


why is this not vasca in bagno..the tub in bathroom? a website i downloaded say da is from, by, or since.


This is an expression "vasca da bagno" which means "bathtub"

"da" can also mean "of"

http://dictionnaire.reverso.net/italien-anglais/vasca http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare156a.htm da can be used to indicate source or origin or value. It is used to indicate "what kind of" tub= bathtub The value of the tub is that it is used for bathing. http://dictionnaire.reverso.net/italien-anglais/da

"bagno" means "bath"

"bathroom" would be "stanza da bagno", although sometimes people shorten it to "bagno"



What does da mean? And in what other situations would you use the word vasca? By hovering on it I found out that "vasca da bagno", the whole phase, means "bathtub". That implies that there could be una vasca da something else.


That is correct. There are other kinds of tubs. Scroll up for more information.


bathtub? I now know why some of my translations are marked incorrect - I am not American.


So, is the distinction between "I am in the bathtub." and "They are in the bathtub." strictly contextual?


Yes, usually it is contextual. However, if it is important to point out who you are talking about, you can specify it: "Io sono nella vasca da bagno" vs "Loro sono nella vasca da bagno".


Can this also be I am bathing?


How do we know it is "I am" and not "They are"? Sono goes with both I/Io and they/loro, right?


huuuuuuuuum naughty


I think the literal translation is "i am in the tub of the bathroom". Its confusing because the clues for both vasca and bagno seem to refer to the same thing.


Strange, I'd have expected the preposition to be the sort of genitive "di," not "da."


Sei nella vasca da bagno con l'uomo che non conosci?


It allowed "They" for me.

So, uh, Rub-a-dub-dub three men in a tub?? Nothing wrong with that.

(Also, tangent, is there an Italian version of the Mots D'Heures: Gousses, Rames? I know there was a German one.)


How am I supposed to distinguish I am in the bathtub from they are in the bathtub? Also having problems understanding how you would say this is his chair and this is her chair when you have to make that distinction. I am never sure if the anwer is he is doing something or she is. The default seems to be male but in real life it seems the distinction would be important.


But..its nice to take a bath with someone...

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