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  5. "I wasn't hungry."

"I wasn't hungry."

Translation:Neměl jsem hlad.

September 20, 2018



Is "neměl hlad" right?


No, not in this sentence without the auxiliary form of být, which is needed for first-person and second-person verbs. But the auxiliary is not need for third-person verbs.


In other words: "Neměl hlad" = "On neměl hlad" = "HE wasn't hungry."


how do we know when "jsem" is needed begore the past-tense verb and when it is needed after the past-tense verb? (neměl jsem hlad vs jsem neměl hlad?)


The auxiliary verb (in this case jsem) cannot be the first word in the sentence. It, like many other small words, wants be in the "second position" (after the first "unit of meaning") in its sentence or clause. Some additional information is available here: https://mluvtecesky.net/en/grammar/word_order.

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