"Every quarter has red numbers!"

Translation:Jedes Quartal hat rote Zahlen!

March 31, 2013

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Why is "Jedes Viertel hat rote Nummern" wrong? I'm pretty sure it is correct as well.


I think it refers to a quarter's turnover numbers. That was my first association.
...Yes, it could be describing the quarter of a city where everyone has red house numbers... but I think that's a bit more abstract than Duolingo's choice of translation. ;)


Oh, they can have very abstract sentences - not so long ago I had to translate a phrase "Die Wochen helfen der Familien". After that I stopped looking for some meaning in their sentences at all.


That's not so abstract. That would be like when a particular week has really been good for some families in terms of everything going well for them.

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