"Mám jednoho bratra."

Translation:I have one brother.

September 20, 2018

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Write this in English Mám jednoho bratra.

I have a brother You used the wrong word. I have 1 brother. Tvrdím, že moje odpověď je správná a vaše je chybná Uvedl jsem kopii stránky Jinde uvádíte, Znám jednu dívku - jako I know a girl, moje odpověď byla "I know one girl" a byla přijata, není hlavní. Co tedy dělám za chybu? Čudlík zde není k dispozici, to je další chyba Dua. Duo přece číslice nepřijímá, nebo zase ne?


It depends where do we place the emphasis.

It is debatable, but I feel that "Znám jednu dívku." means (due to znát being used) that you say that you know a girl and only a secondary thing is that it is one girl.

With "Mám jednoho bratra." it is clearly informing that you have one brother, not two, not three, but exactly one and one is the number of brothers you have.


Thanks. But why the correct answer is" I have 1 brother", here is the number 1, not word "one". Is it becouse that is in the course AE-CZ? That is the question. I think, that it is true. In Cz-AE are numbers always wrong. And I forgot it.


And if we say just "Mám bratra.", does it imply that I may have more than one? Like "I have a brother. And he is an idiot. I have another brother, and that is my best friend." Thank you.


Sure, like in other languages - "Mám bratra" means I have a brother, but it's not saying whether he's the only one or whether there are other brothers I'm just choosing not to mention at the moment.


My problem is that we didn't learn this before being questioned on it. I guessed wrong.


In Duolingo you learn by practice. That is the whole point of Duolingo.


If you don't know a meaning of a word or its translation, you can hover your mouse over it (web) or tap it (app) to get a hint (or pretty much the solution). This is especially useful when you see a word for the first time.

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