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"What kind of house do they have?"

Translation:Jaký mají dům?

September 20, 2018



Jaký mají dům is more preferred than Jaký dům mají, Even though both are accepted. If I ask a question like "what word order or which word order is correct for these sentence structures?", then the definite answer might be, "Most important word or noun comes last, it is stressed in Czech". But still this usual answer doesn't answer all the questions related to strange Czech word order. Is it possible to have this intuitive word order analysis if I practice more, as if time pass by do I get a mental cue about it ?


Do not get the impression that the Czech sentence above must somehow "more preferred". We first decide to teach some Czech sentence and that sentence than becomes the main translation for an exrcise in the opposite direction.

The word order in these cases is mainly about stress but I would say that "Jaký mají dům?" and "Jaký dům mají?" are equivalent.


what is the difference between jaky/ktery?


"který" is specifically "which" (out of many), while "jaký" is asking about the quality - "what kind" or "what...like?"

  • Jaký muž je František? - What kind of a man is František? What is he like?
  • Který muž je František? - Which man (out of these men here) is František?

(But in some contexts in causal speech, "jaký" can sometimes be used in place of "který".)

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