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  5. "Surat ini tidak jelas."

"Surat ini tidak jelas."

Translation:This letter is not clear.

September 20, 2018



"This letter is unclear." Would this not also make sense? It certainly feels more natural than "not clear". However, is it just a literal translation thing?


"The letter is not clear" is not accepted...…. I know it's beta but it's sometimes excruciating


"Ini" means "this", not "the".

I've noticed that Duolingo has taken certain liberties in translating, which makes it difficult to learn the language.

It certainly helps studying but I am missing introductions into the material, explanations and insights. Like with the paid app Babbel. Also not perfect but atleast they explain the context. What I do like about Duolingo is the community, helping each other.

But hey.. it's in Beta.. ;-)

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