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  5. be'nalwI' ? ghaH boqor'e'.


be'nalwI' ? ghaH boqor'e'.

Noticed another curious Missing Word sentence with the following:

Isn't {be'nalwI' bang pegh ghaH boqor'e'.} a perfectly good sentence that I believe means "Bokor is my wife's secret love"?

September 20, 2018



That's really funny! Both choices work in this sentence.


Those exercises are generated randomly, so I don't know if it's something we can fix. It's better if you go to the sentence discussion straight from the exercise because then it tags which sentence it comes from for us. Do you recall which Skill that was. Maybe I can find it.


The Discuss button for a missing word sentence is non-functional for me, but the skill I'm practising is Family 1.


It mkes sense that some exercises are randomly generated because I was just practicing hebrew and one of the sentences was "the turtle eats bread."

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