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  5. "Kakek akhirnya meninggal."

"Kakek akhirnya meninggal."

Translation:Grandfather finally passed away.

September 20, 2018



Not really something you would say and it could be offensive for some people taken the course.


'Passed (away)' would be more tactful.


This does not have to be a cruel statement. Maybe Grandfather was suffering from a terrible disease for years. It can be a relief for his family knowing that his pain has finally come to an end


Agreed. 'Grandfather has passed away' would be more appropriate.


"Grandfather finally passed away" now accepted (19/06/'19).


Cruel, but could be a phrase from a Sinetron.


Depending on the circumstances "passed away" would be appropriate if talking with family or being sensitive about the matter. But "died" might be used if the situation were somewhat removed from the moment and talking with someone detached from the family.


It sounds like the speaker really hates their grandpa.


I have two things to say. One: They said I had a typo but the only tile closest to died was "did". And two: WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU GRANDFATHER!


Why grandfather and not His grandfather


There is no "his" in the Indonesian sentence. The "-nya" in "akhirnya" isn't the possessive "-nya", it's just part of the adverb.


We're so precious about using the word "died". why do we need to resort to 'passed over', 'passed', 'passed away' etc? They died. It's natural and normal.


That's... Rude..

To be honest...

It feels like you were waiting... For him to die... :(


Well depending on the context it totally changes the situation. This doesn't mean that the person saying this is happy that grandfather died.

My uncle had brain cancer for 15 years and became blind for the last 5 years of his life. Saying that he 'finally died' would both mean that he finally died after so many years living with terrible illness, and it would mean that even though he was given three years to live he survived 15! Its not a celebration its acknowledgement of the fact that he did finally die after fighting for so long. Now he is at peace with no more suffering. haha does this make sense?

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