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Punctuation Skill Needed

I've noticed that people often translate or edit a translation to use the direct punctuation used in the Spanish version. A new topic or even bonus topic that could be added is punctuation. For example, I didn't know that « » were like quotation marks. Although English sometimes leaves the serial comma before an and out, people often edit translations just to take it out because they don't use it in Spanish even though there is nothing wrong with the original. Translating punctuation should be an important feature added to Duolingo as it is very important for translating. Thanks for reading!

(Link with a list of different punctuation in Spanish http://spanish.about.com/od/writtenspanish/a/punctuation.htm)

4 years ago



Thanks for an extremely helpful link!

4 years ago


I agree! English has punctuation conventions unique to it. Personally, I tend to overuse commas in English and have a hard time converting the way I write dialogue in English over to the way dialogue is written in French (when writing stories, etc.)

4 years ago