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"So men would use them against men, women against women and women against men."

March 31, 2013



I used "einsetzen". Man setzt etwas gegen etwas/jemanden ein. Eine Waffe, eine Technik. "Männer würden ihre Körperkraft gegen andere Männer einsetzen."

As to "benutzen", that works for tools or for people against their will. "Ich benutze eine Motorsäge." "Ich benutze ein Messer" "Er benutzt seine Angestellten um seine Aggressionen auszuleben." So "benutzen" is rarely used with "gegen", even though it is possible.

"verwenden" is more neutral, but you would not use it for persons as objects. "einsetzen" implies "Einsatz" that has an association with effort. Btw, "einsetzen" was not accepted.

And it would have been helpful to have some context here, or the meaning is hard to guess. Maybe: "So lies would be used by men against ..." This would favor "einsetzen" or "anwenden".


Would "benutzen" be an acceptable replacement for verwenden here?


"benutzen" sounds weird to me, here.


Can you explain to me the difference in usage of benutzen and verwenden?


It is very hard. They are very similar. I'm sorry.

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